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Patricia Red Hawk, Wealth Consultant
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"The Doctor is in..."

Patricia Red Hawk, MD

Investor, Educator, Author, Designer, Physician, CEO

Dr. Red Hawk is President and CEO of the Red Hawk Property Group LLC and the Welliott Investment Group LLC. This duo of vertically integrated private equity investment firms operates nationwide, managing active investments across multiple platforms and targeting the acquisition of single-family, multifamily, and opportunistic residential assets in US growth markets.


Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dr. Red Hawk put herself through college while also serving in the California Army National Guard. After a tour of duty in the Middle East, she moved to Philadelphia to attend Temple University School of Medicine, training in Family Medicine.


Dr. Red Hawk lives with her wife and kids in the Pacific Northwest. She is a frequent public speaker at wealth and business seminars as well as real estate conferences and events nationwide. She swims a mile a day, enjoys riding motorcycles, racing sailboats, teaching investing/wealth building, and great BBQ.

Dr. Red Hawk, Financial Speaker

Released in 2020 - Now a #1 Best Seller!


how to be a successful Female Investor - Real Estate Investment Advice

"When you are the only woman in the room, or only queer person, or the only person of color -- you will need grit. Displaying grit will at times look like courage, dependability, confidence, creativity, optimism and most importantly, resilience. The more you display it, the more you will have."


by Patricia L. Red Hawk, MD

Provider of Finance Wisdom, Patricia Red Hawk

Knowledge and Inspiration from Women Real Estate Investors

real estate investors

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April Crossley - real estate investor testimonial

Patricia is the person I turn to every time I need great advice in my real estate business. She is a wealth of knowledge and experience. I consider her to be part of my personal and business advisory board. She is intelligent, accomplished, driven and more importantly.... one of the most trustworthy and honest people I know. Patricia's advice put me on a path to continue to grow wealth when I was feeling exhausted like I couldn't go any further in my business. She is well respected by me and our other peers in the industry. I have had the pleasure of teaming up with Patricia on real estate investments and I look forward to doing more with her in the future! 

- April Crossley, President Crossley Properties & Heart and Home

I have had the distinct honor of knowing Dr. Patricia Red Hawk for several years.  She is one of the most knowledgeable people I know within the industry, and has become a very good friend of mine, and trusted advisor. I consult with her regularly and previously partnered with her to co-lead an InvestHer Meet-up group, which provides support and knowledge to women wishing to pursue financial freedom.

- Ashley L. Wilson, Co-Founder of HouseItLook & Bar Down Investments

investor testimonial
Real estate investHER testimonial

I have had the wonderful pleasure of working with Dr. Patricia Red Hawk for the last couple of years! Dr. Red Hawk is such a pleasure to work with. She is incredibly knowledgeable about all things investing and has this amazing thirst to always learn and expand herself! She has the unique ability to break complex topics into simple, manageable steps!

- Elizabeth Faircloth, Co-Founder of the Real Estate InvestHER and DeRosa Group

I met Dr. Red Hawk through an acquaintance and have connected with her on many occasions since then to swap Real Estate Investing stories over lunch or zoom. Over the course of the last few years, I have been impressed at the perspective that Dr. Red Hawk offers - it is unique and unbiased.  She is also generous with her time and expertise for new investors as one of the Real Estate InvestHER leaders, an organization that offers a safe place for female Real Estate Investors to learn and grow. I am fortunate to have her in my inner circle.

- Palak Shah, Owner and Founder of Open Spaces Capital & Open Spaces Women

testimonial for Dr. Red Hawk
Dr. Red Hawk testimonial

In this world there are givers and takers and Patricia Red Hawk is a giver beyond compare.  When I first met her, little did I know the person I was sitting next to would become a friend and trusted advisor in my developing real estate business. Her breadth and depth of knowledge on real estate and investing is awesome, and yet she continues to seek out more information to give her that edge. She has an ability to connect and draw people to her that is magical and she is ever so gracious and generous when it comes to sharing her knowledge, experience and time to help others.  Every conversation I have with her is a reminder that this woman is a Rock Star. 

- Steve Hiltabiddle

I met Patricia in 2013 when I first moved to Philadelphia, and she has become a friend and a trusted advisor. Patricia has such a wealth of knowledge and expertise in so many areas; I have come to count on her for advice on virtually any topic associated with real estate management and investment--from honest contractors to property management and investment strategies. She is a true leader.

- Jamie Callahan, PhD, Professor of Leadership & Human Resource Development

Callahan Testimonial for Patricia Red Hawk


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